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The Duck House Manifesto

Respect. You can’t rewind time.
Things carry weight. You can’t take back what you do. Each moment leaves an indelible imprint on the future. You can’t create without respect.

Play. And just see.
Don’t say no. Let it not make sense for as long as possible. Beat them with a stick and put them back together. Make a mess and never apologise.

Nourish. Drink tea.
Share. Nourish yourself and those around you. Drink from the same pot, see the work of others, read, cry, rant, surrender. Consume positively and passionately. Celebrate and rest.

Sing. If in doubt, sing.
Something happens when you sing. When you hear a song. A silly song that says so much. A song to run. A song breathes differently.

Space. Let something happen.
Let space affect you, inform you, change you and tell you stories. Be thankful for it, cherish it, hurt it, fear it. Change it and let it change you. Rejoice in your context, know its limitations and its freedoms. Adhere to, and brazenly push past who you are, who they are. Be mindful of all that is not a part of yourself.

Identity. A female declaration.
We are women. Our work is of us. Women together, finding together. The work is/of us.

Promotional Water Bottles for Anyone to Use

Promotional Water Bottles for Anyone to Use

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Promotional water bottles truly are a convenient and a fun way to be able to see your message not only get out to the original water bottle users, but also to all of their contacts and friends as well. By simply having people carrying your promotional water bottles around and using them, they are simply acting as agents of your company as well.

Anyone can love the experience of getting a free gift, and promotional water bottles are a great piece of swag. Regardless of the occassion you can truly have all of the fashion and marketing savvy at your disposal as well. It is as simple as looking into the best promotional water bottles at waterbottlepromotions.com.au options for you. Don’t wait any longer. Get your logo and your message out to the people who can help spread your word.

The Benefits of Ron Cross for Property Buyers

The Benefits of Ron Cross for Property Buyers

Ron Cross is a professional who can help you to find the perfect property to meet your own individual needs. When purchasing a new home or property for a business, you know how confusing things can get and how quickly you can feel overwhelmed. This is why a lot of people are choosing to use Ron Cross because of his professionalism within this field. He has helped a lot of people to find the perfect property to meet their needs and get the job done when it comes to closing and making all final decisions on the purchase.

Your professional property buyer known as Ron Cross will be there to assist throughout each step of the process. Ron Cross will help you to understand what you need to do when buying land or a home, allowing you to find the ideal match for your needs and know exactly what is involved when you are actually making the decision to purchase the house. You will also be able to use this company for actually finding the home of your dreams, and this is just another reason for why you may want to use this expert for this specific purpose.

Ron Cross is there to assist just about anyone who is looking to purchase a new home or a piece of property where they will begin running their new business with park trent. For those who are scared of the buying process or need help in finding a good home to meet their needs, this company is there to help every step of the way for your own benefit. This is the reason why so many buyers are looking to use the company for their own needs and why they might also be an ideal match for you when you are in the market for new land.